Friday, July 27, 2012

friday links!

jamie's family is visiting right now.
they got in late tuesday night and the boys have been loving the attention and each morning they ask to wake up "Nana & Popi & Auntie Erin". it's sweet.
the boys have also been enjoying and exploring daddy's new iPad. i think noah may be addicted. we may have to crack out the timer to regulate usage. but for the most part it's been fun to have a new "toy" around. it's amazing the amount of apps there are out there! if anyone has any recommendations {for mamas, kiddos or daddy's}, i'd love to hear about them!

friday links!

i have scoured the interwebs watching adorable pregnancy announcements and looking at cute photography ways to announce pregnancy, but this is probably the cutest video i have ever seen to announce a pregnancy.

and my friend, beth {the same awesome friend who came to visit me!}, sent me this video via twitter and i gotta say, she knows me well. i loved it. kids who tell stories + people who make them a reality = awesomeness.

last week i wrote about making life lists, and then this week i found this great free printable for making a visible life list - more like a bucket list, but you can use it however you choose!

i just can't get enough of reece's peanut butter cups. just....YUM.

i will be 35 weeks pregnant tomorrow. just started feeling like my feet were getting a bit tired and puffy, but not really noticeable by how they look, more just how they're starting to feel. anyway, i didn't bring any of my heels with me to uganda, but these? i love. and want. i'm slightly obsessed with wedges.

sunday is jude's birthday party and i'm excited! we'll have a bunch of kids and some friends {and family!} to celebrate with and the boys ask every day how many "sleeps" 'til the party. no doubt there will be many pictures taken, delicious food eaten and probably a blog post about it all.
enjoy your weekend, folks!


  1. Oh gosh, My boys LOVE the iPad. Tim bought it for me but I rarely use it! ha!

    Oh and here's another great video where they announced a pregnancy. You'll love it!

  2. speaking of reeses... saw these on pinterest yesterday...

    5 ingredients. 13x9 pan. no bake. perfection. not exactly sure how i haven't made them yet.

    1. I've made ones that are almost identical. DELICIOUS. I must make them again. *drool*

  3. My kids love Grandmas Garden, Bugs and Buttons, and they are really into Thomas the Train and i found an app that was free, i think, with Thomas puzzles, coloring pages and a matching game. So far those three are their favorites , though admittedly i haven't done a ton of app exploration yet.

  4. My boys love the game "Cut the Rope"... it's a neat strategy/problem solving game.. for adult and kids alike. The boys like it so much, we have to limit play to a very minimal level... addictive!


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