Wednesday, August 1, 2012

freezing & three & stuff

my youngest turned three yesterday! THREE! how did time fly by so quickly that my baby {but not for much longer!} turned three? amazing.

jude lines up all his monster trucks to watch a monster truck video on my computer.

we had a monster truck party for him on sunday. i didn't take a single picture. jamie captured a few on his iPad and his family got some as well, i'm sure. it's been pretty busy here, to say the least. did i mention that jamie's family is here? it's been great to have family here to "do life with" around these here parts.

this morning my nose and my toes are cold. i sat at the table putting peanut butter on toast for the boys and had a memory of autumn. my most favourite time of the year. it feels like autumn this morning. maybe it's just me being used to warmer weather, or maybe it's just actually that cool, but i love it. i just need to put on socks and a sweater now.

on monday we went to the zoo. it was a perfect day. not too hot but still sunny and beautiful. the chimps were making quite a fuss and were hilarious to watch. i tried to sit down as much as possible. the swelling in my feet has begun. it's still quite minor, but by the end of the day i can feel it and i don't want hobbit feet again.

yesterday i had my last midwife appointment before she heads to the UK for 2 months. i made my first appointment with the doctor who will hopefully be catching this baby. baby B is head down {hoorah!}, has a strong and very good heart beat {no ectopic heart beats like we've heard in the past} and is still moving like a fiend. the kid can move, let me tell you!

i flipped the page on the calendar this morning. we're in august, folks. that's nuts. on my calendar are the departure date for jamie's family {sadly, it's this saturday night}, one of my brothers' birthday, my sister's birthday, my first doctor's appointment and our one year anniversary of living in uganda.
my last month of pregnancy.

here we go....


  1. Aw bless. Happy Birthday big man!!! I can't believe there are no pics!! Its your constant!! And can I ask - WHERE did you get those STUNNING roses on your coffee table? Beautiful. I'm glad the party went well and that everyone is having a good time. Look after yourself lady, spending all day walking around the zoo?!? What a crazy month you guys have ahead of you. Stay strong and calm. Will be praying for you guys. Much love!!

    1. Those roses are HALF the bunch I bought for less than $2 (the other half I put up in the guest house for Jamie's parents to enjoy). FOR REALS. I love the flowers here. They've lasted now for 1.5 weeks which is crazy for here. I'm quite pleased with them.
      Yeah, amazingly my feet weren't gigantic after the zoo. It's not a huge zoo like Toronto's so it wasn't too bad.

  2. Oo good eye Tams those ARE gorgeous roses! I'm happy to be mentioned in your calendar even though I'm waaay over here :) I love that he lines up his trucks to watch monster trucks and in a tank top no less, he just needs hiking boots and a cowboy hat :P so cute. I can't believe he's three either!

  3. Oh, how I pray the 'autumn' weather holds for us in Nov! I love it too and long for it! yes, altho' Jude is 3, he wasn't talking when you left!! what a big boy already! love that he surrounds himself with his toys :D

  4. Happy Birthday Jude! From Calli and Lizzi! :) Sounds like he had a great day... it's hard to believe he's 3! Calli says, "He's 3 like I am, in Africa!"

  5. Happy Birthday to your son, sounds like you have lots of big things coming your way.


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