Friday, August 10, 2012

full-term friday links

okay so technically i'll be full-term {37 weeks out of 40 weeks for my non-pregnant friends or friends who don't have a need to know all the pregnancy terms} tomorrow, but i'm a sucker for a title with alliteration.

this morning we are playing with lego and i'm about to make myself a cup of tea. it's a cool morning here in kampala!

we got a lovely package from my sweet friend tamsin, yesterday and she included our very first edition of Go Fish! and of course it was an instant hit with noah. i love that he's into games and it's so fun that he actually gets it. even jude joined in and played with us this morning.

oh yeah and we're all still into jamie's iPad. especially this kid:

tamsin also sent a pack of 2 moleskin notebooks. i may possibly be a convert. i had to crack them open this morning. there really isn't anything better than starting a fresh notebook. especially starting a new moleskin notebook with a sharpie pen.

here are some friday links for ya!

i came across this blog post last night and i wanted to shout "amen"! especially to the first part where she talks about how there's often two camps of people when it comes to babies and both sides have value and neither side should say that how they do things is best for everyone. i'm excited to go into this newborn gig for the third time with the eyes to see the fleeting moments for what they are and cherish each second because o! time really does go by so fast.

and of course, speaking of newborns and young children, every mother is familiar with "the witching hour" - whether you call it that or not. here are some helpful tips as you prepare dinner with a young child who needs distraction/entertainment.

and onto something completely different...
anyone like beer? and road trips? {but not at the same time, right?} i love this map of the US with craft breweries you can visit for almost every state {idaho, nothing?}. i'd totally be up for this with jamie some day.

how many of these children's books have you read? i've read just under half. i'd love to go through this entire list with my boys at some point.

anyone made these? they look divine. again with my obsession with peanut butter and chocolate.

and who doesn't like freebies? organizational print-outs that are pretty! i especially like the flow chart on how to clean your house. nesting, much?

anyway, my boys are entering yet another shouting match - soon to be a wrestling/hitting-fest so i should go, but please, enjoy your weekend!


  1. I had to look at the book list. And I must say that the words "for Children" seem to be misused here. I really would like to see a child try to read The Hobbit. Or A Little Princess. Or Little Women. They're great books, don't get me wrong. Just too advanced.

    And I'm sad that I'm only at about 26 of the hundred books. :( I need to fix that, don't I?

    Happy full term! Here's hoping baby 3 comes soon!

    1. That's true. They aren't all for young kids, but there's a span from Dr. Seuss to JRR Tolkien. So maybe FROM children's books to young adults?
      It made me want to read (and watch!) The Phantom Tollbooth again, though! I had forgotten about that one!

  2. I have buckeyes (peanut butter chocolate balls) in my freezer- come over soon- they won't last long!


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