Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1 year

a year ago today we arrived in uganda. it seems like just yesterday and at the same time it seems like we've been here for forever.
kampala is home now. the traffic doesn't make me fear for my life {oh wait, yes it does. sometimes. but definitely less so.} and i'm not weirded out by the non-refrigerated cartons of milk that line the grocery store shelves {in fact, despite how much i miss the taste of canadian milk, it's incredibly convenient to have milk sitting in my pantry when i run out!}. the weather here is amazing and i love our cool mornings and evenings.
our view is epic and today was one of the clearest i have ever seen it.
of course uganda likes to throw its curveballs and we were without power since yesterday afternoon until tonight - with a fridge full from a recent grocery shop. of course.
but the cool thing was that i just finished talking with the boys and praying and asking God to turn on the power so our fridge when minutes later {literally!} the power turned on. it's so cool to see answers to prayers like that with my kids!

this year has not been without challenges and frustrations. blessings and laughter.
i am so glad we moved our family here. it has given us the chance as a family to bond together in a way that would have been near impossible had we stayed in guelph, surrounded by amazing friends and close enough to family. we are us. and i'm looking forward to this next year even more so, knowing the blessing of discovering on our own what we like to do, how we do christmas or birthdays and other holidays. it's a precious gift, this time and i know that i will never have a time like this again. both my boys are at home with me all day and another precious little man is about to enter our family. sometimes my mind projects into the future and i get what i've called "future fears" where i worry about what's to come and start grasping onto what we have now for fear of losing it all.
but that's foolishness. 

this upcoming year will be a different one from last year with a slightly different team and a new baby and feeling more settled, but i'm ready to embrace all that God has for my family, for me and for our team.

happy 1 year to us!


  1. Happy one year anniversary! It's so great to hear your positive attitude to the HUGE adjustments that you have been through this year. I have always been so encouraged reading your posts. I'm excited to "meet" your new baby soon!

  2. Oooo super good post. I love that the cultural and settling challenges are now only nominal, though present and that you have time to really just BE your own family, focused, without guilt, on your family unit. FOR SURE a blessing!

  3. Happy 1 year!!! So great! I think every young family should move away for a bit to hammer down what it is to be a unit, to just BE and enjoy life as a family without a million things dragging you here and there. So excited to meet baby B even if just through skype :P


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