Thursday, August 16, 2012

on doing the needful and feeling like a "mom"

that's one of the walls that surrounds our compound.
it's also one of the walls that doesn't have curly barbed wire on top of it.
it's also the one wall that backs onto the guest house behind us.

we had a canadian team come for may & june and at some point most if not all of the team stayed in the guest house. some of our team made friends with people from another short term missions group that were also staying at the guest house.
the last night that our canadian staff team were with us, i looked up and noticed a young guy walking in our yard. a young guy that i didn't know.
eventually i introduced myself as he seemed to know some of our team and found out he was part of the other team staying at the guest house.
i headed off to bed eventually and kept thinking,
i should tell jamie to ask him how he got into our compound, even though i'm fairly certain he hopped over our wall, instead of walking around and using the door at the gate.
then i thought to myself,
no. i'm an adult. this is my house. this is bothering me. i can say something and speak up for what i think is unacceptable. 
so i stepped back into the living room and just asked him,
um, did you come into our yard by the door in the gate, or did you hop over the wall?
he sheepishly admitted that he had hopped over the wall.
so i explained that we have a gate with a door and a night guard for a reason and though it takes a bit more effort, it's our yard and we don't know who's watching as he jumps over our wall and we are the ones who will continue living here after his team has gone and left {it'd also be a shame if our guard shot him with an arrow, thinking that he's a threat to us.}. i told him he was welcome to come over any time, but to please use the gate from now on.

i guess some people just think that the rules and considerations we use in our normal environments don't apply when we're in another country or environment. when would it be acceptable to hop the fence into someone's yard you don't know back in the US or Canada?

anyway, i felt like a real mom in that moment, lecturing the neighbourhood teenager for thoughtless behaviour. it made me chuckle and smile to myself.
it's also what we call here, "doing the needful". doing or saying what needs to be done or said.

have you ever done the needful? is there something that you need to do the needful about? have you had a classic "mom" moment?


  1. good for you Vanessa!
    I would be tempted to do the same - ask Brad - but you're right, why couldn't/shouldn't you?
    Especially when safety could be effected.
    On that note: why doesn't that wall have barbed wire? Would you guys feel more secure with it?

    1. I'm not sure why that one doesn't have barbed wire, to be honest. 2/4 had barbed wire when we arrived. We paid for the third wall to have barbed wire and the fourth (that particular one in the picture)? Somehow got neglected.
      I don't feel unsafe at this point, though. Oddly enough, the only issue we had was with Westerners jumping our fence and they weren't interested in robbing us. :)
      So for now, it'll probably stay as is.

    2. good! your comfort level is the key here :)

  2. oooo good on ya V. I've done the needful (oh my word, that phrase is STAYING) on many occasions. I don't think its always appreciated, however, the phrase is self explanatory. The safety aspect does concern me a little bit though. Did you actually say that it'd be a shame for him to shot with an arrow by the guard?!?! That would've been classic.

    1. It IS a great phrase, eh? I'm a fan of it.
      And out of all my friends, I can always count on your to "do the needful". I love that about you. :D
      And I believe I did mention something about our guard having a bow & arrow and something to that nature of being shot. yes. I did say it.


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