Friday, July 6, 2012

friday links

it's friday!
last night jude woke up with a fever and so i brought him into bed with me {since there was ample room without jamie - missing him!} for who knows how long until he was ready to fall back to sleep in his own bed.
this morning he still wasn't entirely back to himself so beth watched him while i ran a few errands with noah. so we spent the rest of the day playing and cuddling and watching cartoons. we filled our bellies with delicious pizza for dinner and then the boys went to bed. beth and i filled a couple of basins with hot water and soaked our feet while we watched friends and polished off an entire bowl full of the most amazing homemade kettle corn. {courtesy of joy the baker. of course.}

oh! and beth took some amazing maternity pictures of me yesterday! it was fun and i am so happy with them! i've never had maternity pictures taken before. and it'll be so great to look back on these pictures and see this home, here in kampala.

some friday links for ya!

my kids aren't typically "early" risers {although to this night owl, 7am does come awful early.} but i really like this article on some creative solutions to having kids who rise early.

and it's about time. i need this. it's a round up of online tutorials so you can teach yourself how to sew! i'm saving this bad boy for when i return to canada and have a sewing machine again. i think it's one of my life goals. learn how to sew.

i'm trying this easy art project with the boys. either this weekend or next week. it's so cute! {and easy!}

and these two? yum. cold drinks on a hot day. is there anything better? this one is for when you crave sugar and chocolate and this one is for when you  need something packed full of vitamins and fruit! they both sound delicious. i think i'm going to try and make the second one. for more than one reason.

have you guys heard of PicMonkey? love this site. seriously easy and gorgeous picture editing. fun and free! winning!

happy weekend! tomorrow we're going to my favouritest place in kampala, MishMash. and we'll possibly be going on sunday as well as they're starting up a family day with face painting and balloons and free kids meals - oh my!


  1. I'm going to check out those cold drinks and the picMonkey site! Thanks! THOROUGHLY enjoyed the pregoo pics. I like that it's your 3rd and you're doing something new...most people only do the pics with #1. Love that it's in Uganda as well!

  2. aaaaaaahhhhh! I LOVE that pic. its so cute! Well done Beth! Also, poor Jude! Those lads seem to be having a bit of a bad run lately. Is he any better now?

    1. Hey Tam,
      yeah. he's doing much better it seems. fever didn't come back in the night and he woke up at the crack of dawn ready to play with Noah. So I'd say he's doing better. :D (that means MishMash! hooray!)

  3. Ditto! and eating kettle corn while soaking your feet... winner!! kisses to the boys!!

  4. this frosty recipe may not be exactly like Wendy's- but we can get all the ingredients here!!!


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