Friday, July 19, 2013

Blaise's 10 month letter

Dear Blaise,

You are 10 months old and we've now been in Canada for almost one whole month!
You continue to charm and delight strangers when we're out, and make the rest of us laugh at your antics on the daily.

Right now you're sitting across from me in your high chair munching on pieces of turkey. You initially started swiping at the pieces on your tray before you even tasted them. I guess you didn't think they looked very good. But then I fed you a piece with my fingers and now you're happily munching away.

You've got 3 teeth fully through and one more on the way; two on the top and one on the bottom with its twin about to pop any day now.
This may explain for part of your overly sucky sleep habits as of late {oh hello six nursings last night!} but not fully as you've never been a great sleeper.

You are loving the finger foods and eat most things I give to you - when your feet start kicking we know it's a food you like.

You clearly say "Mama" now and babble and shout and "talk" quite a bit although it depends on your mood.

You started clapping the other day and I die pretty much every time you do it.

Right now we're living with your Auntie Tamsin and Uncle James and their little boy Henry who you love to smile and interact with. He's only 3 months younger than you and I know you guys are going to be best buds.

You are busy, busy, busy; standing, crawling, cruising, pulling stuff, ripping stuff, drooling like crazy and still laughing maniacally when you pull my hair.

I love you, little guy.



  1. oh my word. such a blessing to be able to see him growing rather than just getting to read about it. the cutest little who there ever was!

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    Thanks a lot.


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