Wednesday, July 3, 2013


We're back! Life is crazy but good.

I took this one of the boys in the grocery store yesterday. A bonus shot with Jamie in it.

And today Erin {my sister-in-law} took this one of the boys in the food court at the mall. Classic.

Sorry it's been so quiet around here. It's good to be back in Canada, but I'm struggling to "keep up" so am just trying to focus on the most important things {which would be people} these days.
I'll find my groove, I promise.

I take pictures of my boys on the third of each month. See past months here.


  1. Ahh haha Jude! I can picture these 3 having their own comedy routine some day!! xo Mom

  2. You're doing great! Don't rush yourself :) I love the happy meal on Blaise hehe who did that I wonder ;)

  3. Good to "hear" from you!

    You know, we just came back from Canada for our vacation! So beautiful!


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