Tuesday, June 18, 2013

tomorrow...we fly!

I'm not sure if one is ever truly "ready" for any big life change; getting married, having a baby, moving to another country. You can read all the books and take all the classes and make your "to-do" list and talk all you want about it but I've never met a person who said, "Oh yes. This big life change is going exactly as I planned it. I knew it would exactly this way." Because life just isn't predictable or controllable that way.

We've been counting down the days since May as a way to help us all see how little time we have left here. Literally crossing off the days as we go. And yet here I sit in our living room with our bags almost entirely packed and I still think to myself, "We're leaving Uganda tomorrow! Crazy!"

I've said from the beginning that time was going to fly by and yet I'm still shocked that we're here. It's the day before we leave and close this chapter of our lives together. And I'm ready and excited and yet...it's still surreal. I have no doubt in my mind that that there will be some grieving that won't happen until I'm back in Canada and re-adjusting back to Canadian culture.

We'll board a plane tomorrow morning and leave this place we've called home for almost two years. This house that has been home to Jamie and I longer than any other home we've lived in since being married. {How crazy is that?}

So I've done everything I needed to do. The rest is an adventure and we'll just see what happens as we get there.


  1. Oh my sweet girl! I am holding my breath just reading this! IN and OUT... and praying for God's arms to surround you all and carry you safely back to us in Canada! I have some tears as I think of the amazing 2 yrs you've all had, lessons learned and sights seen, both divine and earthly...so amazing! love you, praying too. Mom

  2. Hoping that your flight goes well and that re -adjusting back to Canadian culture is a smooth transition. I personally really struggled when moving back from Uganda to Australia, but we didnt have kids and I think that might have made it easier..praying that everything goes well.

  3. Wow. safe travels (although you're probably already traveling...?) And prayers for a good transition on your return.


  4. ACK! I'm typing this while you're flying! SO crazy! I've been praying non stop for you and the guys for safety, health and peace! See you TOMORROW! WOOT!


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