Wednesday, June 12, 2013

one week left ramblings

In exactly one week, I will be checked in at the airport and getting ready to board our flight outta here.


In my mind, it still seems like a lifetime away before we leave. Like it's not really going to happen.

I realized I am a "pre-processor" which to me means that I do a lot of my processing ahead of time. Which would explain why I don't like long, lengthy good-byes. Just say your good-byes, maybe give a good hug and get out of there asap. I've already grieved and accepted that it's a sad thing to leave. And I've probably moved on to being excited about what's to come. So please don't think I'm cold-hearted if I don't shed a tear. It's possible I've shed tears about this exact moment; just a few weeks ago.

Yesterday we sent back two bins {remember these bad boys?} and a bag with the staff team that left to go back to Canada. I am quite proud that I was able to pack up two of those things and it'll be nice not to have to lug them with us {as we'll likely have five others to lug. plus kids. that'd be a lot of luggin'.}.

It's hard to pack with a crawling, mischievous baby. Who doesn't sleep at night. {Still.}

I keep seeing lovely Ugandan things I want to buy and bring back with me. {I love craft markets!}

I can't wait to see and hug all my friends and family.

I am nervous about peoples' expectations of me/our family and the fight against a packed schedule to see and do ALL THE THINGS. {Sometimes I am a "worst-case scenario" kind of person.}

We went swimming yesterday and I need a new bathing suit. So does Blaise. He's not quite as chunky as Noah was at this age as the 12-18 month suit doesn't quite stay up on him. But he definitely loved swimming! So there's that.

Last week I took down all the pictures from the walls. They look so barren now.

Today I will pack some more. And try to remember this:


  1. Wait wait...Noah was chunkier than Blaise? I totally do not remember that! Haha! Also I love that photo :)
    Funny how you left a family of 4 and are returning a family of crazy.

  2. Breathe. I will behave and 'share' you with others. gladly. you are (will be) home, after all! but oh so excited for - all of you! xo Mom PS .. you deserve a new swimsuit

  3. I am the same "pre-processor". Probably a coping mechanism? Makes it easier for us to do what needs to be done?

    Enjoy your last week, and take your time getting settled in Canada. Do what feels right, and works for the family. You always do. :)Praying for you guys through this transition, that you would feel God close to you and guiding your steps. Much love Strickland family!!

  4. I'm outta here in 2 DAYS!!! Thanks to many people leaving, I've already said many of my good-byes. And I don't know that I'm a pre-processor; I just keep things in until afterwards. Such a weird place to be. Peace to you, my friend. May you truly enjoy your last week, and maybe I'll see you on the other side!

  5. Today we got 2 of your bins and a bagful of books as the Kenyons arrived! Tonight we put the 3 carseats in your little blue Kia and now it's truly happening!! I imagine you driving that fully loaded car on the RIGHT side of the road not having to avoid potholes or boda bodas!!
    See you in a week! xo Mom

  6. I know i'll want to see you super asap, but i also want you to just chill out and just be and do your thang. Mississauga is still here and so am i. I'll take you when i see you & it will be grand.

    Also, ice cream sandwiches.


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