Monday, June 3, 2013


This is insane. It's June! We have just over 2 weeks left in Uganda!

We've been {sorta} packing and planning and some big things have been happening and I'm so excited about them and I'm so excited to see friends and family and give them big hugs and sit and drink large glasses of Canadian milk {oh yes.} and give them all the lovely things I've been buying for them.

Needless to say, we've been busy. And so this blog has been neglected. But it won't always be this way.

Blaise has been sleeping a bit better {as in averaging 1 wake up to nurse per night, not including the one between 10 and 11pm} and napped for a total of 5.5 hours yesterday! Whaaaa?!?
Noah and Jude have helped me do a preliminary sorting of toys and it was relatively pain-free as we decided what toys to leave here/give away and what toys to bring back to Canada. They're excited to move, although every now and then one of them will mention something they'll miss about Uganda like our house or our yard or their friends.

I just realized that our next monthly picture will be in Canada! That makes me both incredibly sad and yet also incredibly nervous/excited.

Oh the things we will do! Oh the places we will go!

I take pictures of my kids every month. Check out past months here.


  1. i can only imagine the emotions you are all going through.
    i'll miss the African posts :) but looking forward to the Canadian ones.

    i'm impressed that with everything you're doing right now that you got this picture and post done on the right day. way to go!

    i think i need to move to another country so that we can purge our toys easier.

    1. Yeah, as silly as it seems, it was a priority to get it done today. Maybe to have one thing that I know is going to happen. :)

      Yeah, moving (anywhere) helps with the purging process for sure. Just don't move away just as we're coming back, though! :D

  2. Oh so lovely! sad and happy thoughts - all good! get up each morning and have the boys yell wtih you 'thank you God for ...' as you look out around you! I love the pictures - great captures. Mom

  3. I will hug you. It will be great.
    We'll laugh, cry, laugh, hug and eat. oh. there will be eating.

  4. i CAN NOT wait to see you my friend, I miss your hugs, and chats, and coffee dates, and baking, and laughs. So thankful for your faithfulness to follow God to the ends of the earth - and just as thankful that He's bringing you back home :)

    1. Definitely. Do you have plans to be in the Guelph/Toronto area this summer at all?

    2. I will make them!!! I'll get in touch when you're back and we'll set a date :)

  5. Wow, you've had such an amazing experience and it's been so fun to follow along but I am sure you are glad to be going "home". I know I would be... Look how big Blaise is getting - WOW! Good Luck as you continue to get ready to go! :)

    1. Thanks, Elaine. I am glad. It's been such a wild ride and I'm so glad we did it. :)


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