Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Haddon's 4 month letter

Dear Haddon,

You keep growing! And getting older! Can you maybe slow down a little, please? At 18lbs5oz, you're an arm (and back!) work out I didn't necessarily expect so soon!

So we are in Peru. And you flew on your first airplane! And I'm not gonna lie, you were a champ. You slept for most of it and when you were awake you were quite happy and content. 

You also slept from 11pm-6am last week! It just so happened to be the night after your 4 month vaccinations (we had to get them early because of our trip) and I seem to recall you sleeping well after your two month vaccinations as well!
Anyway, it was a one-off night I figured but I certainly wouldn't be opposed to it happening again anytime soon!

You are a smiler and will often giggle at your brothers antics, especially if you are tired. 
You have done well in the stroller and being worn in the carrier and will fall asleep in either as long as there's movement. 

You are cute and chubby and it seems like your Mohawk may be about to fall, but I'm hoping it sticks around a little longer. 
You are grabby grabby and seem to like to hold onto my hand as you fall asleep, especially if you're overtired and over stimulated. And speaking of sleep - you aren't swaddled anymore! I decided to wean you off of the swaddle before we left for Peru and did it one arm at a time. And now you are swaddle free. And very close to rolling from back to belly. 

You like to "talk" and it's mostly in the form of "ah-goo" and "ah-ah-ah-ah" which is all pretty cute. 

You are loved so much, my big little guy!
Happy 4 months of being alive in this big, beautiful world!

I love you,

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