Thursday, June 9, 2016

Haddon's 5 month letter

Dear Haddon (Had, Haddy, Porkchop, Chubby Bunny, Gordito...)

Happy 5 months! 
You are a rolling fiend! You like rolling towards your right; sometimes you stay on your side, sometimes you roll onto your belly. 

You are still catnapping but at least you'll fall asleep in the carrier if we are on the go. 
Your nighttime sleep still sucks. But...if you're like your big bros, you'll figure it out eventually. You love being shushed to sleep and holding onto my hand/fingers as you fall asleep. You generally are asleep by 7 or 7:30pm and are up around 7 or 7:30am. How many wake ups you have in between those times depends on the night. (Hint, it's usually at LEAST 3). 

I sorta fed you your first solids! It was a banana that I was eating and you seemed super interested in it so I let you gnaw on it and you certainly liked the taste but the texture caught you off guard I think. Thankfully our friend caught the experience on her camera. 
You are very interested in watching us eat and drink and we will slowly introduce food to you when we get back to Canada but it will be very slow and somewhat inconsistent because I am mostly lazy and breastfeeding is way more convenient. 

You have gotten tons and tons of love this past month from the staff and students on our team! Being held and cooed at and cuddled and you have loved every minute of it. You are one lucky little baby!

You can sometimes sit in the stroller and not be leaning back, meaning your core strength is getting better and you're on your way to sitting without support!

You always light up when you see your brothers and your Daddy always gets his beard grabbed at now (although I do believe he encouraged this so its not entirely your fault). 

You are drooling all the time. Always. So. Much. Drool. Your bib/shirt is always soaked. 

You don't mind being worn and will fall asleep when you're tired but after being in the carrier for an extended period of time, you are ready to be free and will give me a huge smile when I take you out and put you down to stretch. 

You definitely babble and are making more sounds these days and they are so cute to hear! 

You are our last little baby and we love you so much! The days are getting so much more fun with you and it's only going to get better. 

It's been a sweet experience to have you here in Peru and my prayer is that one day you will make your own choice to follow Jesus and then go to the nations and share the good news with those who don't know.

I love you, my little chubby bunny!

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  1. It was a joy to have him in Peru V! #streamsofliving water ;)



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