Sunday, May 21, 2006


I can't help myself!
I love Pride & Prejudice.
It is now officially my all-time favourite movie.
Watched it with the hubster tonight.
I think he appreciated it.
So good.
I lurved it.
Still do.


  1. I still haven't seen it. Keep on meaning to...

    The "hubster" liked it, huh? That's ... interesting (I'm referring to both the term "hubster" and the fact that he liked it...).

  2. Well, he appreciated it. I don't know if he actually LIKED it, though. I think he liked that I liked it.
    And yes. The hubster. I can't bring myself to call him "hubby" or anything like that.
    So there.

  3. i am really impressed that "the hubster" watched it with you. oh, what boys will do for the girls they love...i'd love to hear his thoughts on the movie sometime - seeing as it is simply the greatest love story of almost all times (can't beat colin firth as darcy though...)

    and vanessa, i really need to know; did you cut your hair???


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