Thursday, May 18, 2006


A few things.

I have a tummy ache. I like saying that better than a stomache ache. Mostly because I feel it gives me cause to pout. *shrug* Oh well. I wonder if it was something I ate?

Support appointments are so good. Tonight we met with a group of people. I felt a bit rusty. But it was still good. A younger crowd of people (mostly in their mid 20's I would guess) but it was good to "get to know" some new people. I put that in quotations because I always do much more of the talking than the listening - but then I guess that's what the appointment is for. Me to share my heart. But I always feel like I wish I could hear more about what is going on in their life, what God is teaching them, what are their struggles. And it's always harder in a larger group anyway.
But one of the girls who was there was a girl I met through one of my close friends! I love when that happens! So funny!

And All I can think about is how much my stomache hurts. By the it stomach or stomache? they both look wrong to me.

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  1. stomach. Definitely stomach. Funny, the French word is estomac. (The c on the end is silent!)

    I love saying tummy, too!

    There's a rumbly in my tumbly.... I need to go eat now.


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