Friday, May 5, 2006

Treat pic of the month

Oh yes, my favourite. Ice cream. Does it get any better? As the weather is getting warmer, I say it's the perfect time for a delicious scoop (or scoops!) of ice cream.
And yes, I do believe that ice cream is a treat. It can also be a dessert, but more likely for ME, it's a treat. Oh yes....speaking of which...I've got some 60% less fat blueberry and pomegranate ice cream.
WHOA. Now that's something exciting!
Here's what I found on the wonderful world wide web about our beloved ice cream:

The history of ice cream goes back a long way - possibly to around 200BC in China - but certainly to the point where much of its early history is no more than folklore. Many stories abound of famous people enjoying early forms of ice cream - from the Roman Emperor Nero who is said to have had snow brought down from the mountains to freeze his favourite drinks, to Marco Polo who returned from the Far East with a type of ice cream sorbet recipe, to King Charles I of England whose cook developed a frozen cream recipe.
The first step towards giving us the kind of ice cream we enjoy today was made by Nancy Johnson (USA) who invented the hand-crank freezer (1846). In the 1920s Clarence Vogt produced the first continuous process freezer which opened up the possibility for commercial ice cream manufacture.

Now go out and get some ice cream!

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