Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I haven't been to a Blue Jays game in...ok well, I have gone one other time this season but come on! There are over 100 games in a season - almost 200 I think.
However, I managed to win 4 free Blue Jays tickets to Monday's game against Oakland.
It was a great game. At one point we were winning 8-0. We were proud Jays fans. We cheered and clapped like trained monkeys and we had a grand old time.

And then Ted Lilly decided to let in 10 runs. And he dropped an F-bomb when he was pulled out of the game. Who does that?
And then the boo-birds came out.

Some other blog-worthy things happened during the length of the game.

Such as:
Kirsten giggling for pretty much the entire game at the thought of me as a snack girl. You know, the person that walks up and down the aisle yelling "Peanuts! Popcorn!" Or "Ice Cold Beer! Get your Ice Cold Beer!". It is a pretty funny thought, though. I think I'd like to be the slushy girl. Or ice cream girl.
The two teenage girls in front of us pretending to take pictures of their mom, but they were really taking pictures of Jamie and our friend John. It was pretty obvious, I thought but I just rolled my eyes and laughed. Oh've still got it. :)
The really big Diet Coke that Kirsten got. I thought it was funny but she did a good job of pacing herself.
Jamie waving like an maniac across the stadium to Tim who is blind (but not really) and couldn't see the tall, white guy waving like a blade of grass in a hurricane.

There are probably other things but I'm feeling quite tired and forgetful at this moment.
It was a good game and I'm glad I won those tickets. Hooray for free stuff!


  1. vaness you shoulda flashed your rings at them. ;P

  2. haha sounds fun!

    i went to my FIRST EVER jays game on tuesday (against oakland). my friend won 4 tickets too! anyway, baseball games are suprisingly less boring than i thought!! good times :).

  3. really pri? I always thought watching baseball was one of the most boring things I could do with my time.

    that was a funny entry! :)

  4. Hey Vaness... I always enjoyed going to Detroit Tigers games! But hey free baseball tickets is fun fun!!

  5. LOL, mhm really!! or maybe it had to do with expectations. you know when people rave and rave about how awesome a movie is and you go in expecting the mother of all movies and end up being a bit dissapointed becaues it just isnt so? anyway. maybe i went in expecting to be more bored than i thought. which, actually, i wasnt at all. does that make sense? in any case, I might even go to another game! ;). lol.


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