Monday, August 7, 2006


It's a good feeling to be home.
I wish I had blogged a long time ago - now there's too much to write and I'm uncertain as to where I should begin...or if I should begin at all.
I feel perfectly content right now.
I just spent 2.5 days camping up north with some friends.
It was great.
I didn't shower at all and felt extremely grimy.
I am clean now.
It feels delicious.
Most of all I feel overwhelmed. I didn't realize how many blogs I check and interact with until I stopped checking for 2 months and now I'm all behind on people's summer adventures, lessons, poetic rhymings and rantings.
But it's ok.
Because I'm on a vacation and I can check blogs for 3 hours if I want to.
It wouldn't be a good use of my time, but if I wanted to, I could.
And for a summary of the past 1.5 months:
After 4 weeks in Florida and 2 weeks in Whistler I feel - well...I guess I feel extremely built up. And peopled out.
I discovered that 5 minutes into the camping trip.
I feel ready for some alone time, quiet time, running time, sleep-in time.
In these next two weeks I want to let myself be pulled back like a sling shot. Pulled further and further until the tension is so tight.
I want to spring forward out of the gates into Frosh week and September and Summit and evangelism and discipleship and relationships and laughter and excitement and prayer and pouring out.
It's good to be home.
Good night.

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