Monday, August 28, 2006


Last night (or rather early this morning) I had a somewhat disturbing dream.
I dreamt that I had a baby.
And in the dream that wasn't the disturbing part. In the past when I have dreamt that I was pregnant or had a child it was the most frightening dream - mostly I just felt ill-prepared or mad (for mainly selfish reasons like I couldn't hang out and do non-children stuff anymore).
This baby grew quite quickly and I think I was the most concerned that I wasn't going to be able to feed him properly. I couldn't quite figure out the whole breast feeding thing and was frustrated that he wanted to drink formula over natural breast milk.
There were other disturbing aspects to this dream which I won't elaborate...but it was strange and definitely got me thinking about parenting and all the wonderful and strange things that accompany having a child.

I did look into breastfeeding (the wonders of and different styles of parenting (such as Babywise and Attachment Parenting)'s all very interesting.
It will be interesting when I enter that phase of my life and figure out what's nice to read on the internet and what is actually practical and in the best interest of my child(ren).


  1. I'd love to babysit your babies... when you have them.

  2. I would also love to babysit, and would be quite okay with you having a baby.


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