Saturday, December 16, 2006

Bing and Heroes

Oh how I love the whole Christmas season.
Tonight I watched Bing Crosby in White Christmas, sipped warm milk with cinnamon and wrapped a plethora of presents.
It was...delightful!
I realized something today - or at least during my preparations for Christmas;
I love giving gifts. Receiving them is (are? me out here) nice, but I really do love giving gifts. BUT...when you start buying presents for people for the sake of buying presents for them - then I feel...frustrated with the sense of obligation that I feel - and don't WANT to feel.
On an entirely different note:
While browsing facebook I found a wall-to-wall with Priyanka and Jenn about tv addictions and Pri left a link to a site where Jenn could get addicted to Heroes. This show looks interesting to me so I clicked on the link (cue foreboding music now) and watched the pilot episode.
It was good.
I might watch a few more episodes...*famous last words*


  1. Aren't the red satin, fur trimmed gowns and muffs dreamy? Glad to hear that the gals here in Indiana weren't the only ones enjoying some fine entertainment last evening;)

  2. Receiving gifts is nice.
    White Christmas is amazing.
    Reading Vaness' blog is always a good time.

  3. hahaha. how did you like the few episodes?


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