Wednesday, December 20, 2006

sweet tooth

The novelty of eating well is wearing off.
I need scandalously delicious recipes to entice me to continue on this journey to better health.
So far I've discovered a love of grapefruits and sliced & baked sweet potatoes.
Wait - is it grapefruit, or grapefruits?
Anyhow, since I opened my Christmas stocking from Jamie and it was full of delicious morsels like ferrero rocher, hershey's chocolate mint 60 cal sticks (they're only 60 cals if you only eat one!), and Terry's Chocolate Orange, I've definitely been enticed to sneak a taste (or more than just a "taste") a few times.
My sweet tooth is just too much for me sometimes.


  1. have you tried pomello/pommello? it's a wonderful large citrus fruit. i also have an irresistible sweet tooth.

  2. mmm...i love pomalo (sp?) but they're so hard to pick the good ones! they can be really flat.
    I also LOVE christmasy. mmm.. :)


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