Sunday, December 23, 2007

blue baby

This is what "not buying presents for each other" looks like.
I left Noah's room with Jamie holding Noah to get something and came back to find a present on the change table. It said, "To Mommy From Noah". I had NO CLUE what it was. I opened it up to find this gorgeous little blue iPod Nano. SO CUTE.
What a tricky (but stinking amazing) husband I have.


  1. this is great! the new ipods are so great. i love the new menu designs on them.

    i hope this first Christmas with noah is a blessed one for you guys. Emmanuel! i've found this word to be taking an all together deeper meaning for me in this Christmas season. God is with us! he's come into our presence in the form of a baby boy.

    enjoy your family, enjoy your ipod, and i hope you are refreshed and rejuvenated during the next couple weeks.


  2. so it wasn't actually from Noah then? :)
    thinking of suggestions for music for you!

  3. Arn't they just so cute, I got a silver one and I love it!


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