Sunday, December 16, 2007

the real meaning of Christmas

The other day I was explaining Christmas to Noah. When it came to presents and why we give gifts I got a little stuck. The more I thought about it, the more saddened I was with how much getting "stuff" has taken over what Christmas is all about. It's become all about giving your list of things you want and people making sure they don't get you something you already have or getting you something someone else is going to get you and gift receipts and buying presents and ENOUGH presents for some people because you know they're going to get you lots of presents and mad rushes in the mall and sales and commercials that make you think you NEED an iPod, Nintendo Wii, new pair of jeans from Old Navy, video phone, new car.
It's sad.
I'm glad I got to explain to Noah (even though he didn't understand at all) the true meaning of Christmas because it was a good reminder for me. It was good to refocus on something that isn't going to be outdated, too small or broken in a year or two.

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