Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Spring Lover

I absolutely love the spring. I once said that out of all the seasons, I liked Spring the least. I take it back. I love the Spring. Sure the grass is brown and nothing is blooming yet. So the roads are covered in dirt and salt.
I'm so loving it. Noah and I went for an outing this afternoon. I had to mail a couple letters/packages and so while we were at the plaza we went into this little store I had been wanting to go into. Candies of Merritt or something like that. It was filled with little trinkets, loose leaf tea and CHOCOLATE. Fudge, truffles and other delightful little morsels of cocoa bean goodness. I couldn't resist and bought some fudge. I didn't buy the Don Cherry Fudge, though. Not a huge fan of cherries. But it was a cute idea. I ended up going with Caramel Pecan and Rocky Road. I'm looking forward to a sampling later on.
Noah was all smiles and coy looks for the lady at the till. It was cute.
Then we moved onto the pet shop and Noah stared at the fish, kittens and birds. He was really captivated by those squawking ... parakeets I think. After I imitated them he broke into a smile (since they were quite loud I wasn't sure how he'd react). It was cute.
It was a really fun outing and something I had pictured myself doing as a Mom. Going on outings, looking at animals, talking to strangers about babies and hearing about their kids/grandkids/nephews and nieces. It was nice.
I love the spring.

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  1. would you say noah is a pretty content baby generally?


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