Sunday, April 13, 2008

cinnamon spread

I will be laughing about this for quite some time.
So apparently I do pretty much all the diaper changes in this house. It just worked out that way since Noah usually needs a diaper change post-feeding. And most of the times it's just me around to feed him. SO...
Today Jamie was playing with Noah (it was actually so ridiculously sweet to watch) on the couch and Noah was just chillin' on his Dad's chest and then Jamie says, "Oh. He pooped."
At which point he launched into about 5 minutes of trying to get ME to change it because HE didn't like the smell. He did this by getting Noah to look all cute and excited and smiley while saying, "Mommy! You get to change my diaper now! Yay!"
I didn't fall for it.
BUT I was convinced into coming WITH him while he changed Noah.
He opened the diaper and almost jumped back and hid his nose in his shirt while making "uh. ew. uhh. sick. gross." noises. I had to grab Noah's legs or else they would have fallen in the open diaper. So I'm standing there, holding Noah's legs and Jamie's trying to come back to change the diaper and says, "I'm going to be sick" and runs to the bathroom. He doesn't actually vomit but come back and takes another look only to run back to the bathroom to throw up into the toilet. I'm laughing so hard it starts to worry Noah (he sometimes gets concerned when people laugh really hard for some reason) and so I end up cleaning up the dirty diaper and Jamie ventures back into the nursery all the while commenting about how bad it smells. He puts the CLEAN diaper on and we're done.
I laughed so hard. I couldn't (and still can't) believe he threw up.
I asked him later on if it was the smell or the consistency. He said both. He said the poop looked like cinnamon spread and when I said that cinnamon spread is delicious he said, "Not when it comes out of our baby's butt."
So funny.
He actually threw up.
So we're going to work on getting Jamie accustomed to changing poopy diapers. Because they're only going to get worse as we continue to introduce more and more solids.
Good thing Noah only poops once a day (for the most part...either that or once every couple days).
Oh man. I bet you're never going to look at cinnamon spread the same now.


  1. oh man... he actually threw up! he wasn't joking! i thought he was totally joshing to get out of it!! lol

  2. Hey Vanessa! Jamie told me today I'd have to check out this post! Too funny!!!

  3. bahahahahahah! i thought for sure that this was going to be about how jamie got out of changing the diaper...well, which he kind of did. i can't believe he threw up..too funny!!

  4. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!

    i read this at 3 in the morning while holding Zoe who should have been sleeping! so funny! real live throw up over a poopy diaper. he is never gonna live this down.

    when I told Uche he said, "man, it's JUST a poopy diaper, Strickland..." and then a few minutes later he said, "Little Jamie Strickland threw up over a poopy diaper" and laughed.

  5. HAHAH i CANNOT believe that he threw up!!!!!!


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