Tuesday, April 22, 2008

5 days

I can't believe we're leaving for Tanzania in...5 days.
I am not packed.
But I have a list.
I am actually quite excited. A teeny bit anxious, but MOSTLY excited. Probably a 10:1 ratio of excited to anxious.
Noah continues to show me and Jamie how adaptable he really is. I would never kibosh our schedule for him since it really does serve me and definitely helps Noah. But the little cutie continues to show me that he can stay up an extra hour or miss a nap or go down for the evening at a friend's house and then get driven home and put to bed at home and NOT be a hysterical mess. He's a good little guy who has just woken up from his nap as I type this.
We're off to the doctor's office this morning for his 6 month check up. Another adventure awaits.


  1. I'm excited too!!! Such fun together!
    Did Jamie tell you about the shirt sale?

  2. Hi mama Strickland,
    i'm so excited for your trippity-trip avec the lil guy!
    Praying for a safe/blessed experience.
    Love you!


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