Thursday, August 7, 2008


Today while shopping in Buffalo I came across a jewelery stand. FINALLY. I have been searching high and low for some way to hang my earrings so they don't get all tangled up AND so I can see my selection.
I stumbled across Urban Outfitters and found a plethora of earring stands. I almost couldn't decide.
But I'm thrilled with my choice and am excited for my new found organization of accessories.
Oh and I got a hat too.
And stocked up on Bath & Body Works hand soap. PS They're opening up one here in Guelph!

I love shopping in the States!

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  1. i also went shopping in the states this week! and we also stocked up on hand soap from bath and body works! we've got coconut lime verdana or something like that in the bathroom right now. mmmmmmmmmmmm.


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