Saturday, August 30, 2008


I've gotta give credit where credit is due and right now I give credit to our cat, Stanley. Most people know that I'm not exactly fond of our feline. In fact, I'm pretty sure I've used the words, "hate" and "utterly despise" in reference to him. Anyway, when we went to Africa in April we left Stanley with my mother-in-law and she graciously kept him until mid-August when we were done our summer travels. I was NOT looking forward to getting him back for a few reasons:
a) on our way TO my mother-in-law's place, Stanley vomited in his cat carrier and I was so disgusted I could have thrown up. Sick.
b) he sheds so much and I was getting used to a cat fur-free existence.
c) I didn't want him to be running in and out of Noah's room (in fact, he was taught to NEVER go in Noah's room and I had no idea if he'd remember or not).
d) I didn't want him to act out against Noah and potentially hurt him.
e) and lastly that I just plain don't enjoy having him around.
BUT on our way back home with him he didn't utter a sound and was calm (unlike Noah who wailed the entire way home).
I've also invested in the Furminator (it's pretty much amazing) and it definitely has reduced the amount of fur he sheds. LARGELY. It's incredible.
He NEVER even shows an interest in going in or near Noah's room. Before he left he would peek into the room with longing. But no longer. It's amazing.
Noah absolutely LOVES him and it's Stanley that is running away from Noah's grabbing, hitting and "gentle" petting.
I can't say that I like him any more than I did, but I do appreciate him fitting back into our home better than he ever has.
So, here's to you, Stanley. Props.

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