Thursday, August 28, 2008


I've gotta say, I am LOVING the new Weezer album. It's fun, funny and a bit strange sometimes. My pick of the day right now is "The Greatest Man That Ever Lived" because it's such a mishmash of song styles. Apparently taken from an old Quaker Hymn, Weezer starts off the song with cheering fans and a delicate little piano solo and then a blazing police siren wails and EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. Jamie and I listen to it in the car, Jamie whips his head around looking for the cop car that is undoubtedly pulling us over. And every single time I laugh. Good times.
My love of Weezer stems from my first introduction to them in highschool. A friend of mine made me a tape (wow I'm old) and I listened to it whenever he gave me a ride in his car. The first music video I saw of theirs was Buddy Holly and because it's a take on Happy Days I actually thought this was an old band. (Now I'm showing how gullible and ditzy I am). I'm not entirely sure how long it took me to realize they aren't from the 60's. Probably when the Green Album came out.

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