Saturday, September 6, 2008

respect for the dead

On our drive home today from Brockville back to Guelph, Jamie and I noticed that every single bridge along the 401 was filled with Canadian flags, people waving flags, Ambulances, Firetrucks, cop cars all with lights flashing. We were so confused. What was going on? What are they all standing there for? How did someone co-ordinate something so massive that so many people would support it? It started around Trenton and continued to just the east side of Toronto (that's a LOT of bridges/overpasses). Jamie called his Dad to find out what was going on. His Dad said that the hearse with the soldiers who had died in Afghanistan was behind us. Everything made sense and clicked. We honked and waved as we went under every underpass to show our mutual support.
I was actually really moved and touched by this display of support by literally hundreds and hundreds of civilians, cops and other soldiers. People had parked on the side of the highway with TImmy's in hand, waiting for the processional to show their support and respect for the dead. Jamie and I said that if we didn't have a rather grumpy baby in the backseat we would have pulled over and joined the crowds.
It was pretty amazing.
(Google Highway of Heroes for more pictures and information on this stretch of highway)

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