Friday, September 18, 2009


As I look forward to this next year I'm so excited!
Who knew my life could be so full and exciting?!

Here are some things I'm excited about both little and big (in chronological order):
1. October 2-4 - I'll be up North in beautiful Haliburton with my boys and about 200 university students on a C4C retreat. I love it at this time of year - the air is so fresh, the leaves are gorgeous and the lake is so relaxing. I'm sure Noah will love tromping around outside.
2. October 5th? - or around this time I hope to go to Chudleigh's apple farm with our friends and their kids. It's nice to just be outside, picking apples and seeing Noah discover and enjoy new things. We did this last year and it was so much fun! Plus...eating apples off the tree...priceless.
3. Thanksgiving! Love it.
4. My birthday! October 21st. I don't have anything planned yet...not sure if I will or not, but birthdays are always fun.
5. Noah's birthday! He turns 2 on October 25th. I can't believe I'll have a 2 year old! I want to make these for him.
6. Jamie's birthday! He turns 28 on November 6th. Maybe we'll do something fun! :)
7. Christmas! Although I do enjoy Christmas it has lately become busy and slightly stressful. I'd like to take more time this year to enjoy it and prepare my heart more this year as I build into my boys the true meaning of Christmas.
8. My sister's wedding! She gets married on February 27th and I'm the maid (okay, so I'm really a matron...but whatever) of honour! What a privilege and a blessing.
9. Panama!!! Jamie and I will be taking the boys and going to Panama for a missions trip in May & June and I'm actually pretty excited about it. I've always loved traveling and now that I've done it a bit more with kids, I think it'll be fun! Well, the being there will likely be more fun than the GETTING there, but...yay!
10. My bestie's wedding!!! My beautiful friend Tamsin is getting married in July and she's asked me to be her maid (yes, yes...whatever on the matron) of honour - and she's getting married in ENGLAND! So likely I'll be taking Jude with me while Jamie goes to a work conference and Noah stays with Grandma for the week.

Anyway, with 2 boys and all this coming up it surely is a full and blessed life. to keep the main thing the main thing? I guess that's another post for another time.


  1. You forgot something :) Thanksgiving!!...I also have great memories of apple picking with you guys....tons of fun and great outdoor smells and treats!

  2. So great to hear of all you're thankFUL for :) nice pun eh? I am thankful for a sister like you, who keeps the main thing the main thing ;)


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