Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's 11:48pm and do you know where your children are?

I know where mine are.
In bed.
Where I should be.

Dang. Why is it that I am lured by the siren call of the internet? So much to read, catch up on, social media stuff (uh...anyone tweet me yet?) and oh yes...blogging. I officially have no time to blog during the day time and evenings are when Jamie and I hang out/catch up/have "dates" so when is there left to blog? Nights.

Dang. I promised myself I'd get to bed earlier and I will pay for it tomorrow. Or tonight.


Jude will sleep through the night tonight!!!!


Yes. I just spent the last (I can't do math this late) 4 minutes blogging this when I could have been brushing my teeth before hopping into bed.


  1. love love love the look of it!

    where/how'd you get it?

  2. nice logo at the top!

    Heidi thinks the only word I now know is "blog"...'cause it all I talk about.

    Some people need coffee...I need to clear my head.

    Gotta go. I have to write tomorrow's entry.


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