Thursday, November 26, 2009


It's going to be an interesting Thursday...
Today I had a glorious sleep-in 'til about 8:45. Jamie got up with Noah and since I fed Jude at around 6 he is actually still sleeping (it's 9:20). So I got dressed and came down and started making Noah some toast. As I did so, Noah was babbling away and "spelling" words on our fridge with his alphabet magnets. Then I did a double take and realized that ONLY the letter magnets were on the fridge. If you've seen our fridge you will KNOW that there is an overabundance of magnets on the bottom half of our fridge for Noah to play with. So I took a look quickly into the living room and then I asked Noah, "Where are all the magnets?" He turns immediately and points me to the garbage under the sink. It's open. And there are over 20 magnets and toys (and a book) in the garbage! I'm almost already laughing about it as I type this, but at the time I was stunned.
I just asked him why he threw all his magnets in the garbage and he said "DOOR." I guess because there was a door and it was fun to open and shut.
I had actually noticed him throwing garbage away and being "my little helper" recently. It was cute and helpful and he would often throw garbage away without being told. However I didn't think through the possible ramifications of throwing ANYTHING away without being told.
Altogether there was a megablock, about 15 magnets, his fridge car wash toy, and a book (The Master Plan of Evangelism).
He watched me wipe down each item and we had a talk about not opening the garbage anymore without asking Mama.
Oh good times being a parent.


  1. So he doesn't like evangelism, eh? :P

  2. Maybe he was trying to evangelize the garbage man.

  3. when i was little, i remember throwing out coins because they were dirty. my mom had to explain that they were still valuable and you should never throw money in the garbage.


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