Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I think the world just shrunk exponentially.
Here I sit in my house in 'lil old Guelph with my two boys and husband and I actually got "spoken" to by someone famous. Someone as famous as Ben Stiller. Actually, Ben Stiller himself.
The wonder of Twitter!
And at first I didn't even care, I was doing it for my friend Timmy who was inviting Ben to see Bob Newhart with him in December. But then when I actually got a reply back from Ben...I was overcome with girlish "awe-of-celebrity"ness. I'm lame, I know. But it was kinda cool!
Here it is in all its famousness:

You can also read Timmy's letter to Ben Stiller here:


  1. Famous by association. Pretty cool stuff (I still rely on Zoolander for 50% of the funny stuff I say...). The question is: Will Timmy keep trying?

  2. By participating in my dream you got to share in the joy :)

    Glad you had such a cool experience!

    Thanks for daring to dream with me.

    Katie V: That's a good question. Stay Tuned.

  3. BAH THAT IS SO COOL! haha *girlish aw-of-celebrity-jaw-drop* Ben Stiller tweet'd my sister! :P


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