Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Classic nap rant....

Why won't my boys nap at the same time?


Seriously. I don't even try to nap because without fail (I'm serious...EVERY SINGLE TIME) one of them cries within 10 minutes of me lying down. Usually less.
Like today. Jude woke up after his classic 45 minute nap but I hadn't finished cleaning the bathroom and I could tell he was still tired so I decided to let him cry for a bit while I finished. Well, he eventually stopped and either fell back to sleep or is just lying there quietly (I'm fine with either, quite frankly). So...I decided I would lay down for a few minutes. And a few minutes was all I got. Noah started moaning a bit. He's off and on and I'm letting him wake up fully so I don't walk into a CRANKSTER but secretly I'm hoping he'll fall back to sleep too. But by that time, Jude will have woken up.


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