Sunday, December 12, 2010

living in community {not the tv show}

oh hello adorable.


Well, I'm back. We're back.

And it feels good.

Ever notice how AWESOME your bed is after you get home from being away and sleeping in a particularly crappy bed for a week? Yeah. That.

We were up north for a week of a training with work. Well, Jamie went to the sessions. I hung out with the boys and the other Moms and their kids. It was great.
The boys doing some colouring and crafts. (ages in this picture span 16 months-4.5 yrs)

And SNOWY! I love the snow. It's gorgeous and it makes me feel cozy and Christmasey. But bundling and unbundling 2 children {and myself} 6 times a day is enough to make anyone hate the winter. Perhaps hate is a strong word. Because every time I looked out the window and saw the lake with the snow covered trees, I sighed a little romantic sigh. It's just so pretty!

on the drive up. thank God for winter tires. 

Honestly I really do love living in community with others. Doing meals {even though they are stressful at times} together, hanging out in the evenings after our kiddos are in bed and talking until it's way too late; we even threw a triple baby shower for three expecting Moms. A triple baby shower! It was just too much fun.
I feel so incredibly blessed to have so many wonderful women {and awesome men} in my life. To be able to go to things like this and know my kids will be loved on and have other kids to play with is really such a gift and I always feel so thankful for the flexibility and family-friendly events we're able to attend with work.

Oh the chaos. Love it. 

So it was a good week. And I'm thankful to be home. {and now I'm baking lots. stay tuned...}

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