Thursday, December 2, 2010

a momentous occasion

An historic and momentous occasion occurred in the Strickland household last night.

Are you ready?

At bath time, we had our very first floatie incident.

As in someone pooped in the tub.

That would be Jude.

Honestly! Noah has never pooped in the bath (except while he was a baby - like a newborn maybe?).
But sure enough, within a couple minutes of putting Jude into the tub and letting the water run he started farting. Then he crouched and paused.
Then he leaned forward and...



So I did what any Mom, fearful of the quickly disintegrating poop getting EVERYWHERE, would do. I grabbed it with my bare hands.


Anyway, luckily Noah wasn't in the bath yet. Or any of the toys. (This was Noah's first concern - whether the poop got on any of the toys. A valid point, I suppose.)

Anyway, so that was our excitement for the evening.

You're welcome.


  1. um. Hilarious! This is a good story to tell when people are sitting around telling "those poop stories"... no? Must be just the circles I run in.

  2. Ahahaha! You made me and my husband laugh out loud with this post! :D

    We had our one and only (to date) poop incident about 8 months ago, but with Kyler... oh boy! He says "Mommy, there's a snake in the tub!" We had a good laugh... AFTER we sanitized the poop (HA!) out of the tub and the toys.

  3. sick you ARE officially a mom! I thought you were going to grab Jude...but yeah I guess grabbing the poop could work too blech, funny though, a valid "poo story" for sure! I must run in those same circles ;)

  4. I can't believe you've made it this long! Leah's had at least 5 of those incidents. We've learned to watch her REALLY closely and whisk her out the tub when she looks ready. For some reason, bathtime gets her poop moving!

  5. @Rebecca, I know! I couldn't believe we had made it this long either!
    Oh I know! :)


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