Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a bit of verbal you-know-what

i've been feeling a bit of writer's block on this blog lately.
maybe it's because i've been preferring to actually journal {for awhile, this blog was my only journal} and keep my thoughts to myself. to reflect and be raw without thinking about grammar/if this is interesting to other people.
maybe it's because life has slowed down and we've been shuffling back into place, like pieces in a puzzle that are familiar with their places.
i find myself in that all-too-familiar place of looking forward more to what's coming than where i currently am. the rush of christmas and visitors and sightseeing has passed and here i am in the
now what?
i've been consistent {for the most part} in sticking with three simple health-related goals i set for myself about a month ago.
1. drink water. all the time.
this involves me filling up my water bottle over and over again throughout the day. it also involves many, many trips to the bathroom throughout the day.
2. exercise 5 times a week.
surprisingly i've been doing really well with this. it's helped that jamie's been doing the 30 day shred along with me for encouragement.
3. no snacking in the evenings.
this allows me to still nibble on some chocolate in the day if i want but after dinner, snacking is no longer. except for one "cheat night" a week. i've also stuck to this with unprecedented resolution.
it feels good to stick with something. and see results. that has helped as well.
i don't tend to weigh myself too much {i generally go by how my clothes fit - or don't} but i'll likely step on the scale at the end of january and see how i'm doing.

i've got the heebeejeebees right now. nighttime is always when the bugs and creepy crawlies come out. the big ants that like to hustle around our kitchen. the mouse was already spotted tonight. {i shake my fist at that thing. or that species in general as i can't be sure it's the same one since we've already disposed of 2.}
there are scratchy noises coming from across the room.
but that's life here.
in a few weeks we're headed to spain for a week and a bit. i'm excited. but also? it's going to be stinkin cold compared to here. {that would be our 30 degrees compared with their 12 degrees. brrrrrr.}
but still...spain! hoorah!

that feels better.
any resolutions or goals you've set for yourself - health or otherwise?
what gives you the heebeejeebees?


  1. Spain sounds fun!

    I know how you feel about the writer's block. I finally got a new camera so I could take pictures again, and now I can't seem to find the motivation to write anything decent on my blog!
    Good job on sticking to the "resolutions"...the 30 day shred can be so tough to get motivated to do every day but it's awesome when you stick to it, hey?

    Thanks for updating, I really love reading your blog!

  2. I thought I'd do a photo a day...that lasted um...a day. So I'm going with the better eating stuff, making more vegetarian meals to eat "cleaner" protein and we closed our kitchen at 8:30, other than hot drinks that are not sugary :) Oh yeah and being active at least 3 times a week which is going well!
    I get the heebeejeebees from the many centipedes that inhabit our basement apt in the warmer months. Yay winter.

  3. Love to hear that you're doing the 30 day shred....man, I should get royalties from that Jillian woman. I have lost count of how many of my friends have purchased the video since it was so successful for me. Good for you and watch the inches slide off.
    Heebeejeebies? I HATE rodents. Unfortunately...I've got one living in my house and fed daily by the girls.
    Resolutions? Trying to memorize scripture on a regular basis and then actually remember what I've already memorized.
    And Drink more water....I like that...I'm going to add that one to my list.

  4. wait....and one more thing.....SPAIN!?!?!?


  5. Melissa, I totally forgot you had done the 30 day shred. I bought it awhile ago while we were in the States at Target for cheap.
    Shereen - yes to more veggie meals! We're doing the same.
    Jade - maybe it's a new year thing with writers block? and yay for new cameras!

  6. I need to stop the night time snacking too. I was being good about it for a long time and now I presume it's a good reason for the scale being "stuck". ;)

    Have a great time in Spain - WOW!

  7. You know, I was just thinking the other day (as I was up in the wee hours of the night) how thankful I am that I don't live in a place where many-legged critters can give me the heebeejeebies. I love the warm weather, but anything with many legs gives me the shivers. (Just writing that made me cringe!)
    As for resolutions this year... I'd like to drink more water as well. Other than that, this year's a blank canvas. =)

  8. Hi Vanessa!
    I ran into your mom today at church and I told her that your blog is one of my favourites to read, and that I should probably leave a comment so that you know I am reading:) Just wanted to say that I love hearing about the things God is doing in your heart and your life as a family!

  9. Angela! I'm so glad you left a comment! You're right! I had no idea you read my blog. Thanks for reading along with my/our journey. :)


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