Saturday, January 21, 2012

God with us.

I went outside just now to check on the boys.
as I called down to them {they were on the second level of our yard} to be careful, Noah asked if I would be staying out with them. I told him no, that I was going back into the meeting in our living room and I said that they would be fine because they're in our own yard.
and then Noah said,
oh yeah! and God is with us! *then he turned to Jude* don't worry, Jude! because God is with us!

moments like these make all the hard times parenting worth it. completely.


  1. I wonder if he and Seth have been talking- I left him on the balcony the other day, and he said he'd be fine "Jesus is always with me"! Love it!

  2. Wow amazing how the simple faith is often the strongest! :)

  3. From the lips of babes! encourages my own heart! Good job!!

  4. Oh goodness, glad it wasn't worse and that you are all okay. He was certainly watching over you all.

  5. crazy how we can forget this profound truth so easily. Im glad Noah was here to remind me.


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