Wednesday, March 21, 2012

7 months and randomness

it's hard to believe {and yet somehow not hard} that we've been here for 7 months now.
this is home.
it's not always easy, but it is definitely our home.
my mind often wanders ahead into the future and thinks about what life will be like when we move back to canada. where we'll live, how the boys will adjust to school {noah will be in grade 1 and jude will be in j/k! so mind blowing for me at this point}, seeing friends and family again, how we will adjust to orderly traffic and winter and western society again. yes, my mind it wanders.
yesterday noah was asking if we could buy a chuggington train and i told him that they don't sell them here, only in canada {and also that it wasn't his birthday and that he had plenty of toys already and that whole lecture}. and then lo and behold, jamie walks in with a package that our dear friends had sent over 5 months ago for a birthday package for noah and it had FOUR chuggington trains in it! sweet blessings from Jesus. so, so good. except that the aftermath has been two little boys screaming and fighting over one specific train. sigh.
i haven't picked up my camera in almost a week. i'm not sure why.
tonight we're going out for a fun team dinner at fang fang's, the best chinese restaurant here that makes a killer sweet and sour pork dish that i'm for sure ordering a large plate of. *salivating*
the only thing about going out at night is that the traffic here doesn't usually clear until sometime after 9pm so if we do go out, we're in a standstill for most of it, hence why we {as a family} don't often go out at night. the guys can take bodas, but there's no way that i would ever take a boda with my kids. uh uh. no way.
there is a team of canadian staff and students from power to change coming in may and june and we're getting excited for them to come. i look forward to interacting with more people on a daily basis {this is me, the hermit speaking} and for the boys to get to hang out with "the canadians"! {also i'm secretly - or not to secretly - hoping they'll all bring me some reece's peanut butter cups. *more salivating*}
yesterday me and elizabeth {our house girl} made tortillas! i told her they were like chapattis, but thinner. so we did our "level best" {as they like to say here} and we'll see how they turn out later this week for dinner. they sure looked good.
tomorrow elizabeth is going to teach me how to make ugandan beans and cassava {it's a root vegetable. almost like a potato}.
so this is life in uganda.


  1. It's so funny that you mention Reese's peanut butter cups! I am visiting my sister in Australia right now, and the one thing that she asked me to bring for her was the PB cups. I picked up a Costco sized box before I came :) I hope you get some too!

    1. That's funny, Jade. So awesome that you got to visit your sister in AUSTRALIA! Amazing.

  2. Grade 1 and JK??? Oh man oh man. So crazy. When I look into the future I see you guys living in a lake side neighborhood with little shops and a playground down the road oh and look it's right by Uncle Bean's house! hahaha! I can dream right?

    1. Ooh, that sounds lovely. Dream away. I know I am. :)

  3. Haha...I love that dream Bean! but so glad for small miracles in the form of trains!! We'll make sure you guys get some nights out when we visit...and hopefully you'll bring us some 'take-out'!! xoxo

  4. I just love reading about your experiences there. It's so interesting and of course, different.

    And how cool that the trains came in such a timely fashion. But not so cool that they want the same one. Happens here all the time...


    1. Haha...I bet you can totally relate, Elaine. How do YOU navigate that one?

  5. Well Chuggington trains are pretty awesome, they are some of Sera's favorite toys. But what amuses her even more are the sticks and dirt in the backyard- and I'll bet you have dirt and sticks in your yard too! Have you read 26a? There is a quote in it about how home changes to be where you are when the children moved away for a few years like you did.

    1. Oh sticks and dirt and cardboard boxes...can't go wrong with those.
      I've never read 26a - or heard of it. What is it?
      Yes, I'm a firm believer of Pumba's quote (from the Lion King) "Home is where your rump rests." :)It's all what you make of it. Choose to put down some roots, no matter how long you'll be there or where exactly you are. It makes the experience SO much more enjoyable!

  6. a) "fang fang" <- AHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH what a funny name.
    b) ooh! i want to send you another summer package with the canadians!
    c) i say "level best" all the time. i went to a british school.
    d) i need you to recommend some good tunes.
    e) i'm listening to third day and being still before i talk to Jesus about how much i LOVE you.
    f) cassava = bomb.

    1. Oh Abans, you make me smile.
      Good tunes?
      Well, they aren't new, but here's what I've been listening to:
      woke up with this song in my head:
      so good.
      this song always pumps our team up when we're driving through this crazy city:
      I love that you say "level best"!

  7. V, homemade tortillas?!? Amazeballs! (I got that from Natalie). Can I also request that you live in a little village-esque city that is lakeside. Preferably within walking distance of us? Aaaand, AS IF the trains arrived ON THE DAY Noah was requesting them. Sometimes, when God answers prayer like that, just because He loves us, it actually makes me laugh. Again, Amazeballs!


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