Friday, March 2, 2012

march TWO

hello. so i skipped last month's two on the second pictures. what with us being in spain and me getting the worst head cold of the century, it somehow got away from me. making up for it this month. still friends?

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we've been doing lots of baking and cooking together. i'm making it my mission to teach my boys how to cook and bake. one of my many missions, actually.
we've been doing lots more reading and a lot less tv watching. which makes me happy.
and it's cooler out now. so that means i actually want to go outside and so do the boys. everyone's happier.
the trick to getting my kids to smile for the camera {in case you were wondering}? tell them not to smile. some say reverse psychology is not really what you want to enforce in your children, but for this? it works every time.

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linking up to steph who takes monthly pictures of her four kids on the fourth


  1. these are probably two of the cutest kids I've ever seen :-)

  2. Best smiles EVER! Thanks for the tip on "how to get kids to smile" haha I'll keep that in mind upon your return. Miss you guys and LOVE the "moving" photos!

  3. I agree, they are the cutest kids ever :) ditto to the comments! can't wait to skype tonight! xoxo

  4. Oh my gosh, the are SO cute! Love those little boy smiles. :) And please, tell me how you do the moving photos thing!!

  5. Does Jude actually have the longer jump rope in the first picture, Noah's looks too small for him :)

    loe the pictures. Your kids look so happy. keep loving them and teaching them what's important in life.

  6. oh... bungee cord, i just went back and looked again. what awesome toys they are!

  7. oh cool post! awww, those genuine smiles are A-DORABLE.


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