Friday, March 30, 2012

happy weekend links!

how is it friday again so soon?
it was hot today here in kampala.
we met some awesome friends at our favourite art gallery/cafe/gardens for lunch today so i could take their family photo. their kids are adorable.
noah wore his cape there.
then we all flopped out on the couches when we got home.

nick & trevor went to mbale tonight so i postponed friday pizza night until sunday when they'll be back {i'm such a nice team "mom"}.
so we got take out. it wasn't so much of a healthy day. but i guess that's why we don't go out too often.
the boys watched robin hood.
i skyped with my sweet friend emily {she used to live in the basement apartment of the house we rented in guelph. good times.}
the boys are in bed now.
i had a cool, refreshing shower and now i'm sitting in my pajamas.
jamie is playing NHL on the xBox.
it's been a fairly chill day. hope yours was too!

here are your friday links:

cake pops! an easier {and delicious} alternative to cake pops

a fun way to add variety to your date nights - dates in a jar

don't have access to a library or just feel like staying in? free books! online! {the boys and i love this site and for every book you read, they give a book to a child who wouldn't otherwise be able to access one}

are your kids bored? {really, who's kids aren't bored at least some of the time?}  here's an awesome list of 75 activities to do with your kids

a great article on why Christians can raise kids anywhere {in response to this one about raising kids in the city - which i also think is a fabulous idea and one i am passionate about}

start with food, end with food: make your own {big, soft, delicious} pretzels!

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  1. Thanks for all the links I am excited to check (almost) all of them out :) You're so resourceful, and you are a nice team mom!


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