Thursday, October 25, 2012

five years old

in five years you can get a university degree and start your first year of work.
in five years i started dating jamie, we got engaged and then got married.
in five years i gave birth to 3 children and am now a mommy to three handsome little boys.
one is not so little.

noah peter strickland was born five years ago today. it hasn't always been easy and most some days i feel like i'm not doing so great in this whole motherhood gig, but at the end of each day i still get hugs and kisses from my biggest boy.

my noah. he loves sweet treats and all things dairy {strawberry milk, strawberry yogurt, cheese, ice cream...}. he is extremely ticklish and loves to wrestle with daddy. he can write all his letters and he even wrote out a birthday card for me this year!
he has a helpful heart and is tender and sweet towards blaise. he is patient with jude {most of the time} and always eager to pretend that they are "super secret spies".

he's got a fiery temper and can slam a door louder than you'd think was possible and struggles not to get angry when he gets let down. {but who doesn't, i guess?}

he is shy at first and likes to observe new people, places and activities before participating and engaging with others. 
he loves playing on the iPad {angry birds!} and watching Tom & Jerry cartoons and has recognized the hilarity in slapstick humour. i love watching him laugh while watching cartoons.

he has a "thing" for hands and feet and will gladly hold your hand if you put it out for him to grab. i often find him playing with blaise's hands or feet and if he's sitting beside jude on the couch, i can almost guarantee that he is playing with jude's fingers or feet {ew!}.

he is five. i think every age must have its pros and cons. i have loved watching the growth in noah's comprehension, his writing and his drawings. i love that he plays with legos and builds boats and airplanes, houses and monsters. i love his imagination and his sensitive spirit. i love that he pays attention to rules and loves order and predictability {classic firstborn, methinks}.

noah, i've said it before and i'll say it again; you made me a mama. i love you and i'm thankful for you and i can't imagine our family without you.

mom {mama, mommy}


  1. Happy Birthday Noah! i def. think the rules, order and predictability is a firstborn thing too - that's Elijah.
    hope his day is the bestest yet.
    love the pics of him.

  2. can't believe he's five! crazy how much life can happen in five years. what a special little guy you've got there. it's been so neat to journey with you though motherhood these past five years! happy celebrating your sweet boy!

  3. Happy Birthday to my oldest nephew! I love how you describe all the things he does and likes and his personality, it'll be interesting for him when he's older to go through your archives, or for you to go through your archives and have that kind of detail there! :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Noah! This is such a sweet post. I know he'll treasure it when he's older.

  5. aahhh.. .. {tears} what a loving post!!! you are extremely blessed!!! it's scary at how quickly time flies - eh!

  6. Happy Birthday Noah! I love that pic of him with shades & a hat, in b&w... like something out of a magazine!


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