Wednesday, October 3, 2012


i have three boys! amazing.
we're still figuring out our routine but it's been nice to have jamie around and my parents arrive on sunday night.

noah is really into sonic the hedgehog racing on jamie's iPad and likes to make up stories about sonic. he also really enjoys listening to audiobooks during his quiet time. it's hilarious when he comes up to me and asks about different words or phrases that he's picked up on like, "mom? what does it mean to have a cheese that drags you around the house by your nose?" then it makes me wonder which story he got that from!

jude continues to make us laugh with his funny voices and hilarious antics. he insists on calling "Monopoly" "buh-mopowee" which i love. jamie wondered to me the other day, "i wonder what jude's voice really sounds like. he's either making up a funny voice or shouting Dora the Explorer style." it's so true.

and blaise is adorable. he's also started spitting up as the picture above shows. he spat up as i was walking him over to the blanket for this picture. oh well. c'est la vie. he's doing really well during the nighttime and last night he went almost 4 hours between feedings. pure bliss. he's conked out on my chest right now. he's a cuddler for sure. {and i love it.}

{and one more picture of blaise. cuz he's the new kid around here.}

linking up to steph who takes pictures of her 4  kids on the 4th of every month.


  1. AAAAAHHHH so stinking cute! I still don't think that Blaise looks like Noah or Jude. He looks like a total mix between the two! Bless his little pointy haired head. Glad you guys are enjoying this time together. And 4 hrs of sleep is "blissful"??!! Woman, you worry me. Love you guys xo

    1. Well, total I probably got between 5-6 hours of sleep. Maybe more? But it's so great when the gaps between the feedings get longer.
      But yeah, it's scary to think about the sleep deprivation before you have any kids at all.

  2. love this. what a great post. so amazing how each kid is their own person. love it.

  3. Thanks for the update on each of them :) It's so great to hear the cute and funny things they're up to. I love that first photo of the 3 of them. What great smiles! And Blaise is certainly coming into his own look! So sweet :)

  4. I am loving how in the first picture Blaise is looking at Noah, then in the second picture with the shenanigans he's looking at Jude, and then back to Noah in the third (Hahahaha... they look like you just told them to keep their hands down!). He's taking in and observing those older brothers already! Great pictures! :) I'm sure your parents are excited to see all the boys when they get there. ;)

  5. Love all their little personalities and loving your new addition Blaise, he is just too cute and precious for words! Congrats on your beautiful fam! Bless you guys :)

  6. Oh sweet bliss! I.can't.wait! (cheese indeed!!)

  7. You are certainly blessed. They are all so cute and sweet!!


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