Thursday, December 6, 2012

life, lately

to be honest, i'm tired. i feel like that's been my standard answer now for oh...2.5 months now? good. but tired. 

half of the advent activities we've supposed to do haven't happened. 
i've missed out completely on most of the advent stories/readings that jamie does with the boys because i'm putting blaise to bed. 
noah struggled with his temper yesterday. 
jude peed in his pants four times. 
blaise screamed no matter what i did. 

i'm not complaining, but i do want to be honest here. because i never want to come across as a "super mom" or someone who seems to have it all together on this blog or in real life. i think there's enough out there that compels us to compare ourselves. at least it's something that i struggle with. 
so let's keep it real, shall we folks?

it's amazing, though, the third time around how my perspective is so different. jamie came into the kitchen today as i was making tortillas {yay for a dinner that everyone will eat!} with a fussy blaise in his arms and said, "this shall not pass." jokingly, of course. because we both know this time around how quickly this time actually does pass by us. pretty soon he'll be crawling and shoving noah's rogue lego pieces into his mouth and mauling jude with his drool. 

jamie and i are behind on our advent readings and despite my best intentions, it's after 11pm and i'm still up. 
there are hard things and hard times in everyone's lives. but there are also good things.
such as...
us investing into a new friendship with another couple here and also getting some free baby stuff - yay for a crib for blaise that's not a lumpy, bumpy pack 'n play mattress! 
homemade peppermint patties. lots of work {and a recipe i won't try again with kids running around me} but oh so delicious straight out of the freezer. because ya know, it's too warm around here to keep it out. hard life, i know. 
a date at the movies with my hubs who generously holds and rocks mr. fussypants by the entrance way so i can watch the movie and not miss out. {skyfall was awesome, by the way!}
taco night. 'nuff said.
grace spoken to my heart and patience amidst frustrating circumstances.

so let's not kid ourselves; life is hard sometimes. and sucky. but also? so good.


  1. Live is hard sometimes, I wake up in the morning and wonder when I will wake up and have a job to go to again....but Erin and Ryan are engaged, my son is married to an amazing wife and I have 3 wonderful grandsons!
    and most of all I am learning to trust God through this time and will one day give him the glory for the new job I have.

  2. I'll come rock Blaise for you! And as payment, I'll only ask for a peppermint patty or two :)

  3. he is SO CUTE! SO SO worth it! :) praying for you, my friend! it does get easier with three, but even now, 7 months in, i still find it challenging. your service and laying-down-of-your-life to your kids is seen by the Lord (and others) but will reap such a harvest of security, love, confidence and maturity in due time. press on! love ya!

  4. Since having kids, my daily mantra has been "This too shall pass." That applies to the bad stuff and the good! So, when things are hard, it's good to remember that it will get better and when things are good, it's good to remember that they won't always be so treasure those times.

  5. Hey V. Its great that you're trying to be as authentic as possible, but you still seem to be managing it all with a ton of grace and patience. Its so funny to hear of Blaise's screaming fits, because he's SO stinking smiley in all his photos! Love ya woman.

  6. sorry, friend. wish we could see each other more. wish I could hold that baby for you. wish driving across town wasn't such a mess or I would bring you dinner all the time! know I pray for you often. and am so happy in my heart every little time we see each other.

  7. oh my WORD. Vanessa. You are Super Mom! The REAL definition. you love your kids fiercely, you're humble and enjoying the very bumpy ride, you're serving your family and bonding with your hubby while doing it all. You're doing it. Totally look up to you.

    ps - Blaise's hair and outfit? amazing.

  8. sending you a huge {{hug}}
    and thankful for your honesty


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