Monday, December 3, 2012

three in december

taken while they were opening new {to them} christmas books as their advent envelope activity.
blaise's face in the bottom right one is hilarious.
don't mind the shirt-chewing going on with noah. it drives me crazy, but i have a feeling it's genetic {jamie used to chew on his shirts and i used to bite my fingernails}.

oh my boys.

it isn't easy this whole raising three boys thing. and that with a particularly fussy littlest, but i'm doing it the best i know how.

i know that it gets better and easier and then harder and then easier and then harder and then's always in flux.

i've found myself praying a lot more for patience and love and for selflessness - especially in the thick of things or as i head in to break up {another} a fight or pick up a screaming baby, or put down my book to answer yet another question. jesus is changing me. slowly by slowly {as they say here}, and i continue to see how weak and unable to do this on my own, but there it is. christ in me. the hope of glory. in the meantime, though i think i need to make myself another cup of coffee!

*linking to steph who posts pictures of her four kids on the fourth.


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  2. I love all the action, poor Blaise looks swalowed up in it all haha teetering off into Noah.

  3. Ahhh, this does my heart good. Guess who else loves to chew?? yup - it's Parker. and Yes! being a mother is all that- you are loved (you do have 3 beautiful children too :)

  4. I know how you feel about God changing you. I feel that too, but I also feel very guilty then when I react to something in a way that I know isn't right. I don't want my girls learning that, so why would I model that behaviour? I know the answer, and I try to allow myself some grace, then pick up and keep growing. is good :D

  5. I remember those days when K was born, it was tough at times. But it DOES get somewhat easier... but your right, always changing!

    And G does the clothes chewing thing too. Drives me NUTS as well!


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