Saturday, January 5, 2013

three on the fifth - oops

I take pictures of my boys on the third of each month. You can view past months here.

It seems like just yesterday {that's so cliche, isn't it?} that I started taking pictures of my boys on the second. And so we begin a new year and I'm off to a fabulous start by posting this two days after the third. Oh well. I'm really going to try to not forget February's picture like I did last year and that will make up for it. Right?
And now we're on the third with another Wild Thing to add to our family.
Check out how much my boys have grown with last year's picture! Amazing.

We let the boys watch cartoons all morning. It's Saturday. And ... a certain pair of grown ups did not go to bed early enough. So they were tired.

We had leftover pizza for lunch. It's also on the menu for dinner today. 

Apparently this is how we smile in our family. Seconds after this, Blaise spit up.  
And breaking news, Blaise likes watching Baby Einstein. This could be revolutionary for fussy periods. {Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.}
Happy Weekend!


  1. That was me last time (the options keep changing). Love the trio hair styles - they already seem to have a unique closeness :)
    Yay for pizza - I'm craving some good homemade ones loaded with fresh pineapple and bacon! Do it.
    They've changed so much and another 7 months will do more so Stop the Clock!!
    love you all, Mom

  2. HAHA I love the photo of Jude making a face, goes perfectly with his shirt! Man I can't believe how big and grown up they look! This is where you start seeing glimpses of "teenager" Noah...ok just me maybe but wow! And Blaise, well haha he's got a BLAZE of hair goin on still eh? I love it I hope it's still like that in 7 months! :)

  3. I hate to say it but that hair STEALS the show! ;)

    1. It's so true. I'm in love with his hair. :)


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