Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My boys are obsessed with dinosaurs. I figured at some point this phase would hit. I remember my brothers going through it. But I continue to do double takes over and over again as I hear Noah and Jude spouting off dinosaur names and knowledge. Their brains are little sponges!

One of my favourite dinosaur shows that they've been watching is called Dinosaur Train. For a few reasons;

1. It's educational. In every episode they talk about hypotheses {hypothesi?}, are introduced to new dinosaurs and their characteristics and hear from Dr. Scott, the paleontologist. It's hilarious to hear my boys repeat {word for word} the facts that are presented.
2. It promotes adoption. I know. This one is a bit weird. But it's true! A family of pteranadons {the flying dinosaurs for those who aren't well-verse in dinos} adopt a baby t-rex and journey all over the different dinosaur eras {via the Dinosaur Train of course} to discover what kind of dinosaur he is. I love this one.
3. It doesn't push "the earth is hundreds of millions years old" agenda. The boys have also really gotten into Land Before Time movies where it is mentioned many times that dinosaurs were on the earth millions and millions of years ago. Now I'm not 100% sure of where I stand, but I think I fall into the "Young Earth Creationist" view. So I appreciate Dinosaur Train's approach.
4. The characters come up against problems or conflict but are corrected gently by their parents and bad attitudes and whiny-ness aren't perpetuated.

It's a cute show and our boys love it.

Now I'm on the hunt for dinosaur resources that don't preach the "Old Earth" theory. Anyone know of any books or other resources? {They don't have to be accessible to me in Uganda, but I will tuck the advice away for later.}


  1. Love that show too.
    i know Creation.com (i think it's the website) has resources. otherwise i don't know many resources that don't promote the millions of years. elijah loves the magic school bus, expecially when they go see dinosaurs, but it's all about the millions of years.. frustrating for sure. (although i love the magic school bus too.)

    1. Thanks, Michelle! I'll check it out.
      And I totally forgot about the Magic School Bus. Oh I bet Noah will love that. Thanks! :)

  2. I love this show too! It's one of the few dinosaur based shows that I'm comfortable with my kids watching. We believe in a 7 day creation and I hate that most dinosaur themed shows, books, or movies really promote the "millions of years ago" thing.

  3. the dinosaur train is a hit in this house as well...although the song gets seriously stuck in my head!

    1. It's so true! We're often singing the song in our house. The boys will often substitute "Pteranadon" with "stegosaurus" or "T-Rex" or Jude will often sing it as fast as he possibly can. Too funny.


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