Sunday, February 3, 2013

three on the third

I actually did take this on the third. But I didn't bring my computer and Jamie's computer doesn't have a card reader. So I'm back dating it. Because I can.

Spain was amazing. More on that later. But these three guys got a lot of attention - especially Blaise who made tons of friends on the metro which we took every day in Barcelona.

I had wanted to get a picture of them outside somewhere cool in Barcelona {which is where we were on the third} but it was quite windy and cold that day and there may or may not have been numerous melt downs and tantrums. So a few pictures snapped during some tv time worked just as well in our Ikea-decorated apartment that we rented for the week {definitely the way to travel with kids}.

Noah. He is just growing so fast. Jude is non-stop and mostly defiant. Blaise is adorable but enduring his first cold, poor guy.

We've had some really tough moments over the past couple weeks but also some really good ones. Traveling with young kids is not for the faint of heart, but I think it's worth it to push the limits and see what you can do and what doesn't work. Again, more on that later.

Three boys in Barcelona! Huzzah!


  1. You deserve a medal!! I noticed all of them have long pants on so it must be cold there!! They'd love the piles of snow we're getting right now - I can't help thinking of sledding with them and Parker chasing them!! not good!

  2. cute!
    seriously the way to travel with kids, I agree!
    last spring, in France, we rented apartments and houses everywhere we went with Lily and Oli and it was great. For half the price of a hotel, we got laundry machines, full kitchens, baths, yards, toys, and separate bedrooms! Wouldn't change it for a turned down bed at night :)
    So glad you guys had a fantastic trip!!!


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