Saturday, March 9, 2013

on not sleeping and mosquito bites

Blaise isn't the best of sleepers. In fact, he's my worst sleeper of the three boys. But I still love him. 
However being in Uganda presents some unique challenges.

Enter the mosquito net.

When Blaise cries out two or three or fifteen times a night {sadly I'm not exaggerating} it means me getting out of my mosquito net and then walking to his crib, lifting up his mosquito net and either rolling him back over {he's in a crappy "help me! I rolled onto my belly and I hate it!" phase} or sticking in his soother or taking him out and moving back to my mosquito net and nursing him on our bed. Then if I'm nursing him, I have to lift my mosquito net up again, walk over to his and lift up his net again to put him back in. That's multiple mosquito-net-liftings. Which creates opportunities for mosquitoes to fly in or out. Usually in. And in the dark {and in my half-awake state} I don't check for mosquitoes because if I did, that would mean a lot more work, more light and the potential for Blaise to wake up any more than he already is. 
This morning he had over 20 new mosquito bites all over his face, arms and legs. 
And it's too hot to put on a sleeper with long arms and legs. He's a little hot box.

So what do I do? I'm not really up for making any newfangled mosquito net contraption {unless it's super easy and doesn't involve sewing or extra materials} as we're leaving in just over 3 months. 

This morning I took his net down, soaked it in water and a few drops of citronella oil and rubbed a few drops of citronella oil all over the wooden pieces on his crib in the hopes that this will deter mosquitoes from hanging out around his crib at night.

Waking up with him wouldn't be so annoying or difficult if we didn't have the danged mosquito nets. 
I'm glad they generally keep out the bugs, but if you trap a mosquito in the net with you, you're almost worse off than if you weren't under the net at all!

I know most of you reading this don't sleep under a net, but maybe you have some brilliant ideas for me.

A little help?


  1. i love that at the beginning you wrote: "..he's the worst sleeper of the three boys. but i still love him." like you had to remind yourself that you do love him, even though you're sleep deprived :)
    i have no advice for you, sorry.

    1. Yep. I do love him. He's so darned cute, but the sleeping sitch definitely is not idea.

  2. oh my word. OH. BLAISE!!! V, i have no advice on anti-mozzie biting. The only thing I can think of is to bring him back into bed with you guys - though I'm sure this would create a new series of challenges. That being said, 20 bites this morning on that babe's body. Poor poor thing. My sympathies. P

    1. Yeah. I thought of that as an option. I think, though, with him being such a roller and a hot box that we'd probably get even less sleep? Last night was really good, though and hopefully if his sleep improves then this situation is taken care of! (A girl can hope, right?)

  3. Can you push his crib up beside yours at night? and cover with your net? xoxo Mom

  4. Oh and maybe put a cardboard up between you as a barrier at night? good idea on the citronella for sure! Mom

  5. ): This is sad.
    I know nothing about babies & their sleep habits. Could we prop him between two large pillows so he doesn't have a chance to roll over on his tummy? Would he be able to defy that?

    Was that just the worst advice in the world?

    Praying today.

    1. If nothing else this made me laugh.
      Yeah, he moves around like a FIEND. The pillows would probably do nothing except present a suffocation hazard. :( Or he'd just steam roll right over them.
      I miss you!


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